Pitches and Turfs

There are different types of cricket pitches. Some are made of concrete, others artificial turfs and even coir mats. All these suit amateurs as they are not fit for professional use. A turf cricket pitch is the best for professional play.

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Green pitches

For a pitch to be termed as green, it ought to be moist and consist of long grass. These conditions enable the ball to behave erratically, hence favoring the bowler. Once the central point of the game is affected by rain, it is referred to as a sticky. Note that such scenarios are rare in first class games given that the center of the game is protected from rain and dew. There is also a situation called the minefield. This is whereby cracks are formed on the land because of gradual drying after a few days of play. Such surfaces are said to favor the spin bowlers.

Turf layout

The soil base preparation has to be done professionally for you to achieve a well-leveled pitch. Before laying out the turf, there is a need to even out the base layer and make it firm evenly. Do not overlook small aspects such as footprints when looking out for depressions.

The type of turf to buy

You are highly discouraged from buying thick turf, as it is likely to scalp once it is cut short. More to it, there is a tendency of developing water resistant problems during irrigation. Instead of taking the risk, you are better off with thin turf. After all, you can always top-dress it if there is a need. Ensure that you even out the sand after topdressing.

Weed and pest control tips

The first step to take before purchasing herbicides in going through the labels. This step will help you in getting a product that relates to the issue you are facing on the lawn. You are also advised to extend the mowing time after the spraying process. Most importantly, do not spray during the rainy season as most herbicides are become effective once they dry on the leaves. Avoid windy time as well as the herbicide might affect other plants that are nearby. You should also check on the label whether the herbicide you are using requires watering into the soil.

Bonsai trees

The popular trees used for bonsai are juniper, maple, elm, jade and pine. For bonsai, trees, to attain achieve an appealing look, they require continuous pruning and care.

The necessary tools

A rake, branch cutters, wire cutters and butterfly shears are some of the tools you require to take care of bonsai trees. There are tool kits for beginners, which contain the necessary tools. These are available at affordable prices. However, there are advanced versions for advanced hobbyists. These are of higher quality. Not that you require clean cuts for quicker healing of the trees.


It is not difficult to maintain a turf cricket pitch. There are many ideas to borrow from the web. You can also decide to hire a company to care for it though the services come at a fee.