How to integrate stones in the decoration of your garden?

When you design your garden, you think about plants, vegetable garden, or garden furniture but you rarely think about the layout of the soil or the use of stones. However, decorating your garden with stones allows you to structure and embellish your exterior by giving it character. Discover our tips for integrating stones into the decoration of your garden.

Arrange the areas of passage with stone.

First of all, the stones can be used to create walkways that lead to the entrance of your house and allow you to walk in your garden without damaging your lawn or vegetable garden plants.

To give cachet to your exterior you can build your driveway from old reclaimed paving stones. These street paving stones are called “reclaimed” because they come from cities such as Paris or Lyon, or from historical monuments. This is a way to have a piece of history directly in your home and a nice anecdote to tell your guests.

You can also place slabs rather than a walkway for a more airy style. Many materials are suitable for the installation of slabs, such as natural stone. Plantes et d├ęco recommends pebble slabs for a more authentic and picturesque style.

Structure your garden spaces

Stones are also an excellent way to structure the different spaces of your exterior. You can, for example, delimit your ornamental plants and your vegetable squares by surrounding them with natural stone borders.

If your garden is sloping, you can make a stone staircase. Again, you can make this project from different materials, such as calades or pebbles. This kind of stone staircase gives a bucolic look to your exterior and allows you to create an aesthetic design on a difficult terrain.

You have a swimming pool at home? Know that you can install pool coping stones in granite, sandstone or slate, depending on the style of your pool and your house. Don’t worry about the rough appearance of the stones, they are cut to avoid injury. Nevertheless, always be careful around the pool, especially if you have children.

Zoom on : the Japanese garden

Japanese culture is very popular. If you appreciate the landscapes of this Asian country, why not create a Japanese style garden at home? This type of garden is characterized by a natural landscape with asymmetrical plantings. True place of spirituality, it is advisable to put typical plants of Japan, such as bamboo. Calm and meditation are the key words of this little corner of the East.

The central point of a Japanese garden is the water point. Building a stone basin is a must to give a Japanese style to your outside. You can build a basin in old granite to give it a traditional look. If you want to put fish in your pond, make sure to ask about the species that can live outside.

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